Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jacob's Paw Patrol Party


Cake and cupcake table
Food Table
You can find these bowls at Dollar Tree.





 Rubble Treat Table: pencils, hats, suckers, blowers, bubbles, stickers, frisbees and stamps

We played a Paw Patrol movie during the party and the kids loved it.

Nick Jr. Printable Poster
Game 1:
Another game- Guess how many dog bones?
winner got a 5 dollar bill

Game 2: Pin the Badge Marshall Game

Game 3: (Not Pictured)
Write some dogs tricks down (example: sit, roll, play dead)
Cut into small strips and stuff inside balloons and air them up.
Have an adult play some music and when the music stops, pick a random color balloon.
The person/s closest to that color balloon has to have their balloon popped and they have to act out the trick that was stuffed inside. We played this game differently in that if you had a turn already, you were done so that the game wouldn't drag on.
Game 4: Rocky Recycle Team
I randomly stopped the party and divided the room in half. If you were on one side of the center of the room you were on A team, if you were on the other side of the center, you were on B Team. I gave each team some newspaper and they crumbled them up into balls. I told them that I would play music and once it began and each team was expected to chunk as much paper onto the opposite side of the room. Each team's goal was to keep their side of the room the cleanest. When I stopped the music, each team had to count the amount of paper balls on their side. The team with the least amount on their side won. We had to try this a few times because too many cheaters were throwing trash after I stopped the music.

Next we busted his homemade Paw Patrol Pinata


After the games we played a Slideshow
Then it was time for Cake and Ice cream
and pupcakes
My little guy saved the best part for last. Presents!



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